Borong is on a mission to grow your distribution.

We believe in making product distribution easy for everyone. We enable distributors to sell more product in more places, more often.

We want to make the operations side of growing a distribution business easy so that distributors can focus on what they're best at: expanding their reach and selling great products.

That is why we are on a mission: to create a trusted platform that enables millions of businesses to strengthen trading relationships and grow their distribution empire.

Benefit of Using Borong

Make Wholesale Purchase Easy For Customers

Set up your online store in minutes, customise your store the way you want. Reach your customers online. Without queuing and taking so long, real-time promo information, delivery information and payment history could be accessed by customers when taking order.

Monitor on Sales in Real Time

You can monitor your sales in realtime. Track inventory movement as it happens. Get notified on stock levels in real-time. No more over- and under-stocking issues!

Growing your sale

Provide personalised services with customised product, pricing and promotions. Insightful data and access actionable sales information to make better decisions.

Our Solution


Solution To Retain & Engage Your Business Customers.

  • Multi Pricing, Multi Benefit and Personalized Marketing Program
  • Monitor Sales and Inventory Real Time
  • Dashboard Report

We believe in simplifying the Distribution Ecosystem

Our Mission is to empower Distributors to grow their business by providing end to end solutions and support with our Borong ecosystem. As a result, you will enjoy a seamless experiences while increasing productivity.

Source from thousands of brands, all in one place

Are you ready to grow your distribution business the smart way?